Board of Governors

The Board of Governors of the IAFL is made up of the Executive Committee plus the following Chapter delegates and Governors at Large.

  Name Role Location Term Ends
Anne Berger USA Chapter Delegate Lynnfield, Massachusetts 2019
Robert Arenstein USA Chapter Delegate New York, New York 2020
Laura Dale USA Chapter Delegate Houston, Texas 2020
Maryla Wróblewski European Chapter Delegate Copenhagen K, Denmark 2019
Alain Berger European Chapter Delegate Geneva, Switzerland 2019
Carolina Marín Pedreño European Chapter Delegate London, England 2020
Tim Amos European Chapter Delegate London, England 2020
Kim Kieller Canadian Chapter Delegate Barrie, Canada 2019
Karon Bales Canadian Chapter Delegate Toronto, Canada 2020
Ranjit Malhotra Asia Pacific Chapter Delegate Chandigarh, India 2019
Barry Frakes Asia Pacific Chapter Delegate Sydney, Australia 2020
Edwin Freedman Governor At Large Tel Aviv, Israel 2019
Anne Durward Governor at Large Birmingham, Alabama 2019
David Lister Governor At Large London, England 2020
Alberto Perez Cedillo Governor At Large Madrid, Spain 2020

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