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Posted: 4 Mar 2013 by Cheryl Hepfer

At the USA and Canadian Chapter Meeting in Carefree, Arizona, I announced two new initiatives for the IAML.  Assisted Reproductive Technology Services (ARTS), which includes surrogacy, is one of our two initiatives.  Our goal, as an organization, is to self-educate and then to work towards addressing parentage issues which have the potential to  detrimentally affect children.

Our concern is that parentage contracts are being handled by professionals who are not necessarily knowledgeable as to the best interests of the children nor well versed and experienced in the complexities of international custody and family law.  As a result, contracts are often negotiated and drafted that show little concern for these very important aspects of family development and family law.

Our initial effort will be to conduct a survey of our members to ascertain the extent of our experiences in this fast-growing area of practice.  The survey will be coming to you via email in a few weeks.  We ask that you take just a few minutes to answer the six questions on the survey.  Your response will provide significant data upon which we can rely when assessing our experiences.  We will then be able to work towards assisting families and, most importantly, the children who are conceived through these techniques.

If you are interested in being involved with our ARTS committee, please contact Nancy Berg at

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