IAML Surrogacy Symposium

Posted: 7 Jul 2014 by Nancy Zalusky Berg

Nearly three years ago, the IAML identified issues surrounding surrogacy and assisted reproductive technology as critical for leading family lawyers to address.  IAML Fellows from around the world are working to improve the conditions and circumstances under which such contracts for the creation of life are written.  Questions of citizenship, certainty of parentage and lawful compensation must be addressed prior to conception. 

This article in the New York Times,, succinctly outlines the problems that many contracting couples face.

For the first time, the IAML will host a symposium for lawyers, as well as mental and medical health providers from around the world to discuss these issues.  Don't miss this opportunity to fully explore these issues and their impact on your practice.  Details and online registration form at

Nancy Zalusky Berg, J.D.

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