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Posted by : Mia Reich-Sjögren on Monday 10th September 2018, posted in IAFL Meetings

This summer has been something else, at least for us in Sweden. We had almost a hundred days in a row without rain. Very very different but lovely in most ways.

When we travelled to the AGM in Tokyo it had already started and I was afraid that the summer would be over when we arrived home but no, it just continued.

The meeting in Tokyo was an experience. Nancy had done a fantastic work organising. I am convinced is was not an easy task but it turned out to be a wonderful meeting and we all enjoyed it, thank you and all who had helped.

I came back feeling a bit shaken but also honoured by the fact that I was now the President of IAFL, a challenging but interesting position in particular when you succeed Presidents who have taken IAFL forward in so many ways. The only thing I can say is that I will do my best to continue the way they have taken and keep moving the organisation forward, making us even better known and well respected all over the world.

Before I was elected President I had already started to prepare for the next AGM  which will take place in the beautiful city of Melbourne end of February 2019. I travelled out there in order to prepare and was met by Melbourne fellows led by Ian Kennedy, who all are enthusiastic and very helpful wanting to make the meeting a great experience. You may know that Melbourne has been named the top liveable city but was just now passed by my second home town, Vienna. That may say something about the city.

Melbourne is far away for many of us but I am sure it will be an experience for all once we arrive there. The city has so much to offer, good food, interesting sights, lovely surroundings, easy to walk or even ride by tram. You will enjoy!!

The education as well as the social programme will be terrific and will soon be on the meeting web page.

Beginning of July it was time for the next site inspection, Oslo. AGM 2020 will be held there beginning of June which will be a perfect time. Donna, Ali and I had two very intense days together with our Olso fellow Else-Marie and wow, there is a lot to do and see.

I am now going to Stuttgart and the European Chapter meeting which Daniela Kreidler-Pleus is organising and I am excited about that. I know that Daniela and Rüdiger have prepared and planned a lovely meeting for us.

After that, I will travel to Trier for the annual Family Law conference. It is an excellent forum to get to know new potential fellows and make IAFL even better known. In November it is time for Chicago and the AAML meeting.  From there I will be flying directly to Dubai for the mini meeting we are arranging there.

Having now served since beginning of June I realize how much work it is for the President. Even though I have been on the Exec for quite some time, this is so much more. E-mails to be read and answered, teleconferences every week in order to keep up has to be done, travels etc etc. 

I am  glad that I have been allowed to take the opportunity to serve for the Academy  but to be honest, sometimes when you wake up middle of the night, you wonder, what did I do?

However, I have great trust in my colleagues on the Exec and not least Donna and Ali and with all your help I hope to be able to do something good for the Academy during my two years as President. It is challenging but exciting at the same time.



Alan Kaufman says:
26th September 2018

Mia that’s a 1st blog touched with a lot of humility which I fully understand and respect. A good attribute for a President and I am sure you will do a 1st class job.Look forward to seeing you in Stuttgart and will certainly be supporting you ,Ian and the other Australian Fellows in Melbourne.

Ian Kennedy says:
11th September 2018

Here's to a very successful term in office, Mia.The Melbourne Fellows are looking forward to welcoming everyone to your first AGM and are already working hard to ensure that it is an outstanding success and makes the journey to Australia truly memorable. Having held the title of the World's Most Liveable City for the previous seven years, we are delighted to cede it to Vienna for 12 months or so but only, of course, on the basis that by the time the meeting rolls around it will have returned to its natural home. Ian

Elizabeth Hicks says:
10th September 2018

It certainly sounds like you have had a busy and interesting few months Mia. I am sure the next 2 years will go very quickly. I look forward to seeing you in Stuttgart later this month. regards Elizabeth Hicks


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