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IAFL Introduction to International Family Law Conference, Bangkok, Thailand

Event date: 30 May 2023

Where and When

Banyan Tree Hotel
21/100 South Sathon Road
Bangkok 10120

Start: Tuesday 30th May 2023 at 10:30 AM
End: Tuesday 30th May 2023 at 15:30 PM

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This conference is designed principally for local lawyers and academics from Thailand and the Asia Pacific region, however it is hoped that as many IAFL Fellows as possible will also attend. It aims to provide information about the practice of international family law. We have found that, in the past, these conferences have been greatly appreciated by the local legal community wherever we have held them and have been a great way for us to get to know local lawyers, judges and academics who are involved in family law. It is a good way to show local lawyers the work that we do in IAFL.

There is no fee for local lawyers and academics from Thailand and the Asia Pacific to attend the conference. The event includes tea and coffee breaks and a networking lunch during the conference. Please click here to register.  Queries should be sent by email to the IAFL events team via

There is a fee of $50 for IAFL Fellows and their Lawyer Guests who are also attending the IAFL Asia Pacific Chapter Meeting at the Banyan Tree Hotel from Wednesday 31st May - Sunday 4th June. Please click here to register via the IAFL Asia Pacific Chapter meeting page.

Education Program

The education program will be delivered in English and will consist of three one-hour panels covering the following topics. 

Marriage and Divorce

  • Requirements for a marriage
  • Whether various religious ceremonies are recognised as marriages
  • Whether same sex marriages are recognised
  • Recognition of foreign marriages or divorces
  • Jurisdictional requirements for divorce
  • Grounds for divorce
  • Whether common law marriages or de facto relationships are recognised

 Parenting Matters

  • Principles generally - what are the legal principles and bases for making parenting orders in the jurisdiction of the panellist?
  • Approaches when a child is abducted by one parent to the jurisdiction of the panellist, including:
    • The approach and process where the 1980 Hague Abduction Convention applies and
    • The approach and process when the 1980 Hague Abduction Convention does not apply
  • Approaches to relocation or leave to remove applications

Property and Financial Matters

  • Jurisdictional requirements
  • Does the relief sought need to be linked to an application for divorce?
  • The property regime(s) prevailing in each jurisdiction
  • Valuation and discovery issues, including whether there is a duty to make disclosure
  • Dealing with assets overseas
  • Forum disputes when more than one country may have jurisdiction
  • Is it possible to have such pre-nuptial agreements in the jurisdiction of the panellist? If not, what is the next best thing one can do?
  • Is it possible to have cross-jurisdictional agreements in the jurisdiction of the panellist
  • Requirements for a valid pre-nuptial agreement
  • Limitations of pre-nuptial agreements, including grounds to set them aside or declare them not to be binding

 Meeting Resources

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Thank You to Our Sponsor

Thank you to our conference sponsor Harry Elias Partnership

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Further Information

If you have any queries about the conference, please email the IAFL events team via

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