IAFL European Chapter Young Lawyers' Award 2023

Posted: 17 Oct 2022

Approximately 12 years ago, the European Chapter of IAFL established an annual writing award for young family lawyers. The award aims to promote research and excellence among young family lawyers and to increase awareness among other legal professionals of the work and objectives of the IAFL.


The Young Lawyers' Award carries a prize of €1,000, awarded to the author of the winning contribution, and two €500 prizes for the best runners up.

The prizes will be presented at the IAFL Introduction to European Family Law Conference in November 2023.  

The winners will be announced on Tuesday 20 June 2023. The winner and two best runners up will also receive a subsidy of up to €500 for travel and accommodation plus free registration.


A panel of European Chapter Fellows will be responsible for the selection of the winning contributions. The Young Lawyers' Award winner will be selected by the panel on the basis of the written composition concerning International or European Family law, the practical and theoretical interest and the legal analysis of the contribution.

Subject Matter - Case Study 

The case study for the 2023 award is:

 'Junior is 25, he is a Brazilian football player, he plays for Paris and lives and resides in France.

He has a brilliant career; he has a great contract with his club and has a number of sponsorship deals.  He knows he won't stay in Paris all his career and plans to go to another club in England, Spain or Germany soon.

He is in a relationship with Eva who is a model and actress with dual British and American citizenship. She has inherited from her father, and she is the sole heir of her mother who is a very wealthy and famous film producer. Eva lives mainly in London.

Junior and Eva want to marry and to do a prenuptial agreement.

Junior would like to be protected because he may have a very successful career but he has also a lot of uncertainty.  Eva would like to protect her family assets and to be protected if they have a family.  

How will you proceed to establish this prenuptial agreement?'

The contribution should ideally be written in English, however, translations can be obtained should the applicant wish to write in their own language. It should be no more than 3000 words and should not contain any information which could reveal the identity of the writer to the judging panel as otherwise they will be disqualified.


The author of the composition should be a qualified practising family lawyer of up to ten years qualification and/or experience and be residing in a European jurisdiction. Iceland, Turkey and Russian Federation are all included.  Entries from trainee lawyers, pupil barristers or the equivalent are also welcomed.


The winning entry will be published on the IAFL website. The entry should not have been published or be under consideration for publication elsewhere, although it can subsequently be published elsewhere with appropriate reference to the IAFL. 


The contributions for consideration in respect of the 11th annual award should be submitted by 11.59pm (BST) on Friday 14 April 2023. Submissions should be sent electronically to Ele Dexter of the IAFL at 

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