IAFL India University of Delhi Travel Studentship 2017

IAFL India University Travel Studentship 2017

Friday 11th August 2017

By Ms Gunjan Jindal

IAFL recently hosted the first winner of our IAFL Indian Travel Studentship scheme which is run with the University of New Delhi to encourage talented young law students to consider a career in international family law.

Gunjan was hosted by Paris-based IAFL Fellow Véronique Chauveau and Potsdam-based Fellow Kerstin Niethammer-Jürgens.

IAFL would like to echo Gunjan's thanks to Fellows Joy Feinberg and Pinky Anand and Dr. Prof. Usha Tandon, professor-in-charge, Campus Law Centre for organizing and coordinating the studentship. And most of all Ms. Véronique Chauveau, Dr. Kerstin Niethammer-Jürgens and Dr. Thomas Jürgens for opening their homes and offices to Gunjan and making her studentship a truly fulfilling experience.