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International Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers (IAML)

In the UK Gay Marriage will be permitted from 1 minute past midnight on 29th March 2014

 At the annual IAML European Chapter meeting in Bordeaux last week the forthcoming change in the UK law created much debate among lawyers from around the world – particularly from the US and Australia where the position on gay marriage is far from clear. 

William Longrigg, President-Elect of IAML, comments :

‘This new UK law emphasises the complexities thrown up where countries do not have and do not recognise same-sex marriage. Some gay couples are finding themselves in a legal limbo: their marriage is not recognised where they live and the country where they married has no jurisdiction to dissolve their marriage because they don’t live there. ’ 


Civil Partnership for same sex couples has existed in the UK since 2004.   This provided the same legal remedies as for heterosexual couples. But many same-sex couples felt like “second class citizens”.  

Civil partners in the UK have not yet been given a date when they will be able to convert their civil partnerships into a marriage which puts them in a weaker position than those tying the knot for the first time. This has elicited cries of discrimination so the story is not yet over.


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