International Academy of Family Lawyers August 2010

IAML Law Journal Volume 3 - Alternative Dispute Resolution

Dear Fellow,

I am writing to let you know that the new volume of the IAML Law Journal is now available on the IAML website.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Worldwide, courts, family law attorneys and mental health professionals appear to be putting greater and greater effort in finding and promoting alternatives to use of traditional civil court systems for resolution of family disputes.  The motivations behind such efforts include removing or lessening the adversarial nature of the proceedings, finding processes for a speedier resolution of family issues, especially considering the long delays and extensive backlogs in the dockets of many courts, and the high cost in legal fees frequently associated with the resolution of family issues.  Numerous substitutes for or supplements to the traditional court system have been identified and are in wide use.  Collectively, that array of options is referred to as alternative dispute resolution, or ADR.

In this issue of the Journal we present both articles that broadly discuss ADR and articles that limit their scope to one particular aspect of the ADR process.  At present, ADR, especially in the family law area, is only in its embryonic stage. The articles in this issue provide some good insights into where ADR may be heading.

Frank L. McGuane, Jr.
Denver, Colorado  USA

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