IAFL Amicus Briefs

16-582 Cahue v. Martinez

- 8 January 2017

Amicus Brief filed by IAFL on the 8th January 2017 in the Supreme Court of the United States in the Cahue case.

17-15364 Calixto v. Lesmes

- 6 February 2018

Amicus Brief filed by IAFL in February 2018 in the United States Court of Appeals in the Calixto case.

T15-26664 Bowie v. Gaslain

- 28 November 2016

Amicus Brief in support of Emma Bowie, 28th November 2016, France

Remanding Order Calixto v. Lesmes

- 30 November 2018

Order remanding the Calixto v. Lesmes case to the Federal trial court

12-820 Lozano v. Alvarez (Amicus of IAML)

- 1 September 2013

Amicus Brief filed by IAML in September 2013 in the United States Supreme Court in the Lozano case on the issue of equitable tolling.

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