Family Law Books

Chinese Family Law and Practice

by Rong Tao Kohtz. January 2023.

Chinese Family Law and Practice offers a comprehensive review and in-depth analyses of Chinese family law statutes, court rules and court decisions. It provides the most up-to-date information about Chinese family law since the enactment of China’s new Civil Code.

Family Law Jurisdictional Comparisons

Edited by: James Stewart. Fifth Edition, December 2020

Family Law is an essential guide that enables you to make quick comparisons between 56 international jurisdictions worldwide. It includes contributions from expert international family lawyers, many of whom are IAFL Fellows.

Adults and Children in Post Modern Societies

Edited by: Jehanne Sosson, Geoffrey Willems, Gwendoline Motte, March 2019

Adults and Children in Postmodern Societies provides a critical analysis of the different ways in which the law can recognise and protect relationships between adults and children in postmodern societies which are characterised by increasingly diverse family configurations.

The Future of Registered Partnerships

Edited by: Jens M. Scherpe, Andy Hayward, December 2017

Sponsored by IAFL, and with a forward written by William Longrigg, this book provides the foundation for an informed discussion not only on changes to the implementation of registered partnership schemes, but also more generally for reviewing the law concerning the recognition of adult relationships. In this book, leading family law experts from 15 European and non-European countries explore the history and function of registered partnership in their own jurisdictions. Further chapters look at the impact of the European Convention on Human Rights and European Union Law on the regulation of registered partnerships. In the concluding chapters the different approaches are analysed and compared.

European Family Law

Edited by: Jens Scherpe, 2016.

This definitive work, published in four-volumes, maps the emerging European family law. The chapters draw on a wide range of topics, such as: marriage, divorce, cohabitation, same-sex relationships, the financial consequence of divorce, adoption, parentage and surrogacy, parental responsibility, the child’s welfare, and law concerning older people. Through its stimulating comparative analysis and comprehensive coverage of the topic, this set of books is intended to serve as a major resource for all scholars, practitioners and students interested in family law.

Marriage Rites and Rights

Edited by: Joanna Miles, Perveez Mody, Rebecca Probert. August 2015.

Recent years have seen extensive discussion about the continuing retreat from marriage, the increasing demand for the right to marry from previously excluded groups, and the need to protect those who do not wish to marry from being forced to do so. At the same time, weddings are big business, couples are spending more than ever before on getting married, and marriage ceremonies are increasingly elaborate. It is therefore timely to reflect on the rites of marriage, as well as the right to marry (or not to marry), and the relationship between them...

International Parental Child Abduction Legal Resource

Prepared by the Family Law Section of the Law Council of Australia. July 2015

This resource brings together a comprehensive collection of helpful and practical information which will enable legal practitioners to assist their clients to navigate all aspects of the issues which accompany international parental child abduction proceedings.

Prenuptial Agreements and the Presumption of Free Choice

By Sharon Thompson. July 2015.

This book provides an alternative perspective on an issue fraught with difficulty ... the enforcement of prenuptial agreements. Such agreements are enforced because the law acknowledges the rights of spouses and civil partners to make autonomous decisions about the division of their property on divorce. Yet this book demonstrates that, in the attempt to promote autonomy, other issues such as imbalance of power between the parties become obscured.

Marital Agreements and Private Autonomy in Comparative Perspective

Edited by: Jens Scherpe. February 2012.

This book deals with a subject that has recently been the focus of debate and law reform in many jurisdictions: how much scope should spouses have to conclude agreements concerning their financial affairs - and under what circumstances should such agreements be binding and enforceable? These marital agreements include pre-nuptial, post-nuptial and separation agreements.

International Pre-Nuptial and Post-Nuptial Agreements

With contributions from a number of IAML Fellows, this work looks at the approach to international pre-nuptial agreements and also considers the thornier issues for couples involved in more than one jurisdiction. March 2011.

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