IAFL Press Releases

Statement in support of LGBTI Rights in Morocco and Internationally

- 5 December 2022

Following the IAFL Annual Meeting in Marrakech, the IAFL has issued a statement in support of LGBTI Rights in Morocco and Internationally.

IAFL Condemns Hungarian Government Ban on Promotion of Homosexuality to under 18s

- 30 June 2021

IAFL position statement on the enactment of legislation in Hungary banning the 'promotion' of homosexuality to under 18s

IAFL Applauds Recognition of LGBT Rights in the Asia Pacific Region

- 19 June 2019

IAFL in conjunction with their Asia Pacific Chapter welcomes and applauds four major developments in recognition of LGBT rights in the Asia Pacific region

IAFL Condemns Brunei's New Penal Code

- 8 April 2019

IAFL and the IAFL Asia Pacific Chapter condemn the introduction of Brunei's new penal code

Restriction of US G-4 Visas to married persons

- 9 November 2018

IAFL and AAML joint position statement condemning the decision of the US State Department to restrict G-4 Visas to married persons

Forced Separation of Children and Parents on US Border

- 20 June 2018

IAFL USA Chapter issues a standing position against forced separation of children from parents in detention after crossing US southern border

Support for LGBTI in India

- 18 September 2016

IAFL issues a statement in support of LGBTI Rights in India and Internationally

Standing Position on Forced Marriage

- 17 September 2016

At its AGM, IAFL approved a standing/legislative position against forced and child marriage, worldwide

Surrogacy Symposium

- 20 May 2015

20th May 2015: The IAML Surrogacy Symposium brought together leading professionals from 30 jurisdictions from around the world to exchange ideas and consider areas of potential agreement and development of the law

Pakistani Stoning

- 28 May 2014

IAML President, Cheryl Hepfer comments on the incident in Pakistan where Farzana Parveen was stoned to death for marrying the man she loves

Gay Marriage

- 29 March 2014

IAML President-Elect, William Longrigg comments on the introduction of Gay Marriage in the UK

Legal Issues Important for Parents Using ARTS

- 14 June 2013

14th June 2013: A recent survey of IAML Fellows demostrates that legal issues are important for intended parents using assisted reproduction and surrogacy to build their families

International Lawyers take stand on Forced Marriage

- 8 May 2013

IAML confirms its commitment to combat the practice of Forced Marriage and to raise awareness of the incidence of Forced Marriage within the international family law community.

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